Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Potty Humor

A few Maxisms that have rolled in over the last few days:

Sitting on the floor with my mom:

"Baba? Do you even have a penis?"
"No, Max. No, I don't."
"Oh. Do you have baginas?"
"Just one."
"Not all?"

After managing to pee his shorts while standing at the toilet:

"I was trying to pee in the potty, but my penis distracted me."

Hanging out in the living room with a big blue balloon tied to his ankle:

"I'm playing a game called the big nimple (his pronunciation of nipple) comes close and I push it away."

I just love this kid.

And I can't eradicate the idea of my mom having all the vaginas. There is something frightening yet mythological going on there.


  1. Bwaaahahahahahaaaaaa!

    I love potty humor. In fact, I think my husband and I live for it... much to the chagrin of our 11-year-old!

  2. Yea for potty humor! I love that it exasperates Helen!